Entry #5

Coming back

2012-12-28 00:48:23 by NM-Productions

I've decided to return to uploading my music here upon consideration. To clarify, I was upset with voters on the audio PORTAL that were down-rating, (giving me 0's), my music. If I get an honest 0, then I deserve it, but at least give me a reason why it sucks that badly, and I'll work on making my work less shitty.

Thanks for the encouraging words from some of you in my absense.


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2012-12-28 01:31:06

How did you manage to cope with that. I'm going through the same thing you are except with Flash movies.

NM-Productions responds:

Basically by not giving a shit what people think, really. Newgrounds isn't exactly a good forum if you're looking for feedback, but more of just a showcase site.


2012-12-28 03:00:43

I kno how you fell I been makin flashes fur like 5 years now and ppl dont appreciate it >:( but they never tell me why they dont liek it or how I can improve dem! D:<

NM-Productions responds:

Honestly, try Youtube as well. The people can be just as stupid, but at least they're more inclined to give you a comment, rather than just vote 0 and move on.