No more audio submissions from me

2012-11-09 17:51:40 by NM-Productions

Yeah, so fuck this place. The audio forum is full of a bunch of trolls and assholes.


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2012-11-09 17:56:04

Don't get discouraged.


2012-11-09 18:21:14

I mostly agree, but you need to find solace with the users that appreciate your work (audio and otherwise) on the website, and upload for your benefit and theirs. There's plenty of cool people on NG, perhaps those on the audio forum just arent of your type.

(Updated ) NM-Productions responds:

Thanks for the encouragement! The day I wrote this post, I was fuming with rage after a failed internship and found my hard work had been given a 1/5 without any explanation. I've since gone to fandalism and soundcloud for my uploads, but perhaps I'll continue here, if nothing else than to get my work out to the public.


2012-11-09 19:17:12

Good attitude.
Good luck on other websites when things don't go your way.

NM-Productions responds:

That's not why I'm disappointed at all. Here's the thing: If I upload a piece, and someone comes along and votes 0 or 1 without giving any explaination, then how the hell am I going to learn from my mistakes? All I ask is that if people don't like my uploads, tell me why and I'll consider it and/or work on my errors. See what I mean? I encourage criticism, but voting a 0 and running away isn't any good form of critique.


2012-11-09 19:18:47

Also yes S3C is right.
This website is full of cool people, but the audio forum is full of trolls, 0-bombers and jealous people.

Do yourself a favor and continue to upload but ignore the forums.

(Updated ) NM-Productions responds:

I've never touched the audio forums, but I'll bare that in mind. Thanks! I should have put the AUDIO PORTAL, not the audio forums.