Coming back

2012-12-28 00:48:23 by NM-Productions

I've decided to return to uploading my music here upon consideration. To clarify, I was upset with voters on the audio PORTAL that were down-rating, (giving me 0's), my music. If I get an honest 0, then I deserve it, but at least give me a reason why it sucks that badly, and I'll work on making my work less shitty.

Thanks for the encouraging words from some of you in my absense.

Yeah, so fuck this place. The audio forum is full of a bunch of trolls and assholes.

Making a comeback?

2012-08-02 10:51:31 by NM-Productions

To whomever visits this page,

I'll be trying to make a comeback here on Newgrounds after somewhat of a pathetic start. Most of my work will be music and audio related, but I may potentially make some silly, short flash animations eventually. Yay.

Complete change of plans

2009-11-07 13:10:50 by NM-Productions

No Majin-Vegetto for a long time if at all ever.

Majin Vegetto Episode 5?!

2009-09-14 15:45:58 by NM-Productions

The moment you true Newgrounds/DBZ flash fans have been waiting for. A continuation of Majin-Ryan's "Majin Vegetto" series is underway at full swing. I've had this idea in the works since May and I'm gonna try and work on it as much as I can, as fast as I can. Now, I'm not taking his series over and labeling it as my own; this will be a fan tribute to a series so many have been urging to be continued/concluded.

There is one problem though:

If any of you know where I can find voice actors who can play the roles of:
Gohan (adult)
Super Buu
Mr. Satan/Hercule
Please let me know!!!

Here's a short loop I made a couple of days ago that somewhat represents what the detailing will look like. Vegetto loop

Progress so far... It's only been the first day so, I got the intro done, and that's about it. Script is also almost finished.

Majin Vegetto Episode 5?!